Caucasian-style lamb kebab recipe
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Lamb kebab is a classic and everyone's favorite dish
It is important to know the intricacies and peculiarities of cooking a real Caucasian-style lamb shish kebab in order to grill it properly. The most delicious dish can only be prepared by mastering the secrets of this process. In the article, we will discuss how to properly cook barbecue in the Caucasian style in different ways. The primitive shish kebab existed in ancient times - our ancestors delighted in it as soon as they learned to make fire. During this time, of course, the cooking method has been improved. One thing can be said for sure: barbecue has its own history. How to choose the right lamb for the barbecue If you understand all the intricacies of choosing the lamb for the barbecue, which are described below, it will not be difficult to find good meat. A very soft and juicy lamb kebab without a characteristic smell can only be made from young lamb up to 2 months old. Since the animals are born mainly at the beginning of the year, this type of kebab can be cooked from March to April. At any time of the year, you can cook a real shish kebab from an adult lamb. Good meat shouldn't have a lot of fat. The indicator must not exceed 15% of the total mass.
Choice of meat
Some nuances
The more fat the meat contains, the more pronounced will be the characteristic and unpleasant smell of the lamb on our plate. In this case, the meat should not be defatted and dry. Consequently, we will take the intermediate option. When choosing meat, it is important to take into account the color of the animal fat. White speaks of the freshness of the product. If the fat has a yellow tint, it is better to refuse such meat, because it is rancid. Correct lamb meat has a beautiful uniform red color. It should not be scarlet or light red
Dark color
Also indicates that the lamb is not the first freshness. The meat should be firm and not slippery. If blood oozes, this indicates old age. Do not eat meat with a strange smell. Fresh meat smells good. A very tasty and juicy shish kebab is obtained mainly from the lamb ribs, the backbone and the sirloin parts. For lovers of the smell of lamb, buy a lamb tail. Skewer in small slices between the pieces of meat. Fans of such scents will thank you. Chilled meat is most often used for lamb kebab. Frozen is not suitable for cooking.
Lamb skewer
Classic recipe No one has not heard of this recipe. Many people like the speed of cooking. For cooking, we need the following ingredients: 1 kg of lamb meat; 0.5 kg of onions; 250 ml of white wine; sunflower oil; salt and black pepper. Let's take a closer look at the process of preparing a classic kebab: remove the transparencies from the meat and do not forget to remove the veins. Cut into medium pieces (3-5 centimeters). Don't forget to add salt and pepper to your liking. Cut the onion into rings, add to the meat and mix well.

Add a little sunflower oil to the resulting marinade, and don't forget about the white wine, either. If the meat of a young lamb to marinate takes 20 minutes, then to process an adult lamb, the time will increase several times (60 minutes). It is best to use glass or plastic plates to marinate the kebab. It is better not to use metal utensils, otherwise they may rust. This will cause poisoning. After marinating the meat, skewer it and put it on the fire. You need to fry the meat until it is golden brown. A quarter of an hour is enough for the meat to be tender, juicy and very tasty. Don't forget to turn the skewer in time and sprinkle the meat with white wine. Look carefully so that the dish does not burn. The meat is unusually tasty, aromatic and juicy. This dish is best served with lots of vegetables and homemade sauce made ahead of time.
The Classic Caucasian-Style Lamb BBQ Recipe
Delicate, flavorful, melt-in-your-mouth BBQ is best prepared by true Caucasians. Everyone should try this dish. To cook, we need the following ingredients: 1 kg of lamb pulp; 0.5 kg of onions; black pepper, salt to taste; lots of green parsley and green coriander; cold water; grape vinegar or lemon juice (3 tablespoons).
Cooking process
After you have peeled the onion skins, rinse them well with water. Next, you need to cut the onion into rings. The meat is washed with warm water. Cut into 3-4 centimeter pieces. The smaller they are, the faster the meat will marinate and the more tender it will be. But it is not necessary to cut into too small pieces, as it is difficult to put such meat on a skewer. Next, you need to season and mix well. Leave to act for 20 minutes so that the meat absorbs the aromas of the spices. Kebab marinade requires special attention. To do this, we mix cold water with 3 tablespoons of grape vinegar. Place the meat in a deep glass or plastic plate. Add onion rings. Pour the meat with the precooked marinade and close the lid. Next, you need to put the dish in the refrigerator. We leave our meat for 5-6 hours. During this time, the lamb will have time to marinate. Meat can be placed not only in the refrigerator, but also in the shade (when it's cold outside). It takes about 20 minutes to fry a lamb kebab the Caucasian way, not forgetting to turn the skewer in time. The remaining marinade on a plate can be poured over the meat so that the kebab does not burn. This dish should be served hot with lots of coriander and parsley. The marinated grape vinegar can be replaced with lemon juice and your favorite spices can be added to your liking.
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